fridge mats roll Kuber Industries india

  • Content – 6 pieces of mat, Dimension : 13*19 Inches, Material : PVC, Color- Black
  • Multipurpose mats for Refrigerator, Drawers, Shelves and Dining Table.
  • Protect from Scratches, Spots & Dirt
  • Made from Durable High Quality Plastic Material


Product Description

Kuber Industries Refrigerator Drawer Mats/Fridge Mats/Multi Purpose Mats (12 inch & 14 inch)
Dura Tech Aluminum Parchment Shelf Storage, Heating and Air Conditioning Units for 5 Gallon Composters  Each Duryea Cement Mix Molded Shelves 2×5″ Carving Cups 7 x 6 Lids 8×8 Ziplock Plastic Hangers 1 ½-inch Wall Screws 3 Masons Markings on Top Wood Forks 17 Wires 24 AWG Blue Insulation White Glue or Paint Thin Black Rubber Gaskets 12 Gauge Metal Pipe 15 Degree Clamps Rivet 9 mm Steel


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